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Florida Moving Boxes

Moving Supplies - Bubble Wrap

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Use bubble wrap to help protect items that are more fragile.

  • 100-foot Roll x 12" Wide.  Perforated every 12" so it is easy to tear.
  • 3/16" small bubbles
  • We recommend 1 roll for every additional bedroom or office. 

Please note:
This is available only as an add-on to a moving box package.

Delivery & Pickup

We will deliver and pickup the boxes from your current and future destination in and around Orlando and Tampa Bay. Outside of these areas, please call us to discuss your moving needs.

Care Instructions

Please do not add any stickers or labels to the box. We will provide them for you.

Buying or Selling a Home?

Transition from or into your new Florida home by renting moving boxes to make it easier and faster for you and your family to move.

  • Free Local Delivery & Pickup

    We will deliver and pickup the moving products you rent from Florida Moving Boxes. Depending on the location of your current and future residents or business. Rentals outside the delivery and pickup zone will be charged $2.50 per mile.

  • Hassle-Free Moving

    1. No more running around acquiring moving boxes and supplies.
    2. No more broken boxes.
    3. Save time, money, and energy during your move.