Florida Moving Boxes FAQs

Moving in and around Florida, Florida Moving Boxes can help you move easier, faster, and greener. The following are the most common questions asked by our customers. 

Why should I rent plastic moving boxes instead of using cardboard boxes?

Cardboard is expensive, it does not hold up well, and are not easy to move around. With our specially designed boxes and dollies, moving is done much easier, faster, and cheaper.  And, you are doing your part for the future of our world and environment. 

What areas do you provide delivery and pick up services? 

Currently, we provide FREE delivery and pick up in most parts of Central Florida, Florida. If your current or future home or business location is outside our FREE coverage area, we can provide a quote for the cost of delivery and pickup by calling (407) 838-2559 or emailing us at info at floridamovingboxes dot com. We are always looking to expand our territory and coverage area. 

When do I have to return the boxes or other moving items I rent? 

You typically have a standard 2 or 3 weeks to return your rental depending on your moving package without the need to extend your rental. You have the option to choose to keep your boxes and moving supplies longer by changing the rental period that works best for you. Or, you can always decide to extend your rental once you have the boxes, crates, or supplies. 

How do I return the boxes I rent? 

You will have a scheduled return or pickup date established before your rental starts. However, if you want your boxes picked up earlier or if you need to extend your rental, you can just give us a call or email us. We will work with your schedule and revise your pickup date and time. Changes to your pickup requires a 48-hour notice. 

How do I extend my rental?

Based on availability, you have the ability to extend your box rental if you need to keep them longer. We do need 48-hours notice before your pre-scheduled pickup time to make this change. Note: It is always more cost-effective to rent your boxes longer at the start of your initial rental verses extending your rental. The cost of extending your rental is # of weeks, divided by rental cost you initially paid = your per week rate. 

Can I get a refund if I return my box or crate rentals earlier than my pick up date and time?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for returning your boxes or crates earlier than your pickup date and time.  

What is the size of the box I am rent? 

Most household items and office products will fit well in our 27" x 17" x 12" moving box or crate. It is not too big, and not too small.

Can I secure the boxes? 

Our boxes come standard with a hole that goes through the top lid which can be used for adding zip ties or potentially a lock. Note: You are fully responsible for your belongings and the security of your belongings. We do not guarantee our boxes can't or won't be broken into by anyone. 

Is it a box, crate, tote that I am renting? 

It is all of the above. Some people like to call it a box, some call it a crate, and others call it a tote. 

How does it work?

For every five boxes that are rented as a result of a real estate agent's referral, we will attach one of your 6" x 6" advertising labels to a box for at least three months.

For example, 100 box rentals result in 20 boxes displaying the agent's label for three months. Each box has the potential to reach between 25-250 individuals within the three-month period. As more boxes are rented through the agency or agent's efforts, more boxes with their labels will be displayed, providing greater exposure to potential clients.

To begin seeing your label on our moving boxes, sign up below today and receive a referral/promo code to offer your clients a 10% discount.

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