Realtor Partner Program

Best Home Buying & Selling Experience

Florida Moving Boxes has established a partnership with real estate agencies and agents to revolutionize the home buying and selling experience. We understand that moving can be stressful and time-consuming for clients, which is why we offer a solution that is not only convenient but also environmentally-friendly. Our reusable moving boxes are sturdier than traditional cardboard boxes and come with complimentary local delivery and pickup in Central Florida. Furthermore, we provide an opportunity for real estate agencies and their agents to advertise their brand on our moving boxes and provide clients a 10% discount on their moving supply needs.

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How does it work?

For every five boxes that are rented as a result of a real estate agent's referral, we will attach one of your 6" x 6" advertising labels to a box for at least three months.

For example, 100 box rentals result in 20 boxes displaying the agent's label for three months. Each box has the potential to reach between 25-250 individuals within the three-month period. As more boxes are rented through the agency or agent's efforts, more boxes with their labels will be displayed, providing greater exposure to potential clients.

To begin seeing your label on our moving boxes, sign up below today and receive a referral/promo code to offer your clients a 10% discount.

Thank you for considering Florida Moving Boxes for your clients' moving needs. Don't to forget to follow us on social @FloridaMovingBoxes.

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