How to move your family and home faster easier cheaper in Central Florida Orlando Tampa Bay FL

5 Ways on How to Move to Orlando, Florida

Moving can be a nightmare especially if you don't plan well. The following are 5 ways you can make your life and move much easier, faster, cheaper, and greener.

3. Establish A Moving Plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail - Benjamin Franklin

The first step in the moving process is to take the time to create a moving plan. What makes a move more stressful is not having a plan and waking up the day of your move and expecting everything to go well. A good moving plan does not have to be elaborate, but it should consist of basics such as...

  1. Who is available to help me move? 
  2. Do I need a moving company? 
  3. Do I need to rent a moving truck? 
  4. What moving supplies are needed based on the items that need to be moved? 
  5. Should I use cardboard boxes, reusable boxes, or a combination of both? 
  6. Is the space I am moving to allow for the same amount of items that I am moving from? Or, is it a good time to purge some items? 
  7. Do I need to sell some stuff? 

1. Reusable Moving Boxes

At the top of the list, renting reusable moving boxes are one of the best ways to make your next move easier, faster, cheaper, and greener. Reusable moving boxes have a bunch of important features worth noting. First, the solid design of reusable moving boxes allows you to stack boxes easily and in the most organized way. Unlike cardboard boxes, they will not get crushed when stacked on top of each other. Second, reusable moving boxes comes with built in handles. This makes it super easy to lift and carry your moving boxes. Thirdly, reusable moving boxes have built in holes so that you can protect your possessions by zip tie your boxes securely. In addition, the attached lid on reusable moving boxes allows you to peak inside your box and easily stack your boxes when in-use or not being used. What is really nice is NO TAPE required. One of the most important benefits of reusable moving boxes are how ecofriendly they are. 


2. Reputable Moving Company

Once you have your reusable moving boxes rented, now it is time to line-up a reputable moving company. We can help recommend several companies in the Central Florida and Tamp Bay area. A good moving company can make your move much less stressful and much faster. On the other-hand, a bad moving company can cause your move to be miserable. So it is very important to choose the right moving company. Not all moving companies are the same. There is definitely a wide variety of quality and pricing in the Orlando and Tampa markets. 

4. Moving Truck Rental

If you need to rent a moving truck, we recommend Penske. They might be a bit more expensive compared to other moving truck rentals, but they have better customer service and take care of their vehicles better than most other moving truck rental companies. 


5. Where to sell unused items? 

There are several ways to rent, sell, or discard items that you can't or don't want to move to your next location. 

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